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# Student Name Advisor Name Title Abstract References
1 Andrii Temnikov Automated System for Air Traffic Controllers' Actions Control
2 Anna Tsvirchkova Numerical Schemes Based on Galerkin Method for Simulating Small-Scale Fluctuations in Cylindrical Plasma Filaments
3 Dmytro Yurchenko Predicting Night Hypoglycemia in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Method Based on Decision Trees
4 Igor Masternyi Method of Sentiment Analysis of Messages in Social Networks
5 Ihor Dutchak Automated System for Determining Optimal Strategies for Prevention of Cervical Cancer in Ukraine
6 Iryna Bobryk Decision Support System for Inventory Management in Retail
7 Kostiantyn Verhun Method for Upper Layer Atmosphere Wave Processes Evolution's Spatial Pattern Reconstruction Based on Satellite Measurements
8 Mariia Mosiichuk Model of Cell Biological Processes Based on Polynomial Chaos
9 Oleksandra Fedchenko Mathematical Model for Selecting Optimal Strategies for Community-Acquired Pneumonia Prevention Among the Population of Ukraine
10 Pavlo Borysenko Mathematical Model of HIV Infection and Its Prevention Among Injection Drugs Users in Ukraine
11 Sergii Shtelmah Software and Mathematical Tools for Improving Quality of Noisy Speech Signal
12 Serhii Povisenko Decision Support System for Selecting Optimal Corporate Wireless Carrier Plan
13 Serhii Sakharov Predicting Night Hypoglycemia in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Method Based on Neural Networks
14 Tetiana Kakovska Method of Modeling a Personal Diet Based on Modified Genetic Algorithm
15 Viacheslav Movchan Unified Model of the Motor Control Unit of the Military Unit of Ukrainian Air Force
16 Volodymyr Kapustin System for Multithreaded Web Applications Testing Based on Parallel Computation Algorithms
17 Yurii Prudskyi Unified Model of a System for Optimizing Therapeutic Food Mixtures