Pavlo Maslianko

Degree PhD in Engineering Sciences
Scientific Title Associate Professor
Position Associate Professor
“Intellect” project page

Master students

Roman Ohorenko: Conceptual Model of Control of a Land Moving Object Based on the Theory of Dynamic Systems
Oleksii Moskal: Mathematical Models and Software of Collaborative Editing Module for Network Systems
Yuliia Moskal: Mathematical Models and Software of System for User Purchases Prediction Based on Statistical Data
Oleksandra Ohorenko: Method for Optimizing Allocation of Wireless Network Access Points for a Campus Segment Based on Genetic Algorithms
Roman Kulyk: Method of Minimizing Query Processing Time on the HADOOP Platform
Olha Korovai: Modified Combinatorial Method of Pairwise Comparisons with Feedback
Tetiana Fioshkina: System for Ukrainian Texts Verification
Volodymyr Kapustin: System for Multithreaded Web Applications Testing Based on Parallel Computation Algorithms
Yurii Prudskyi: Unified Model of a System for Optimizing Therapeutic Food Mixtures
Viacheslav Movchan: Unified Model of the Motor Control Unit of the Military Unit of Ukrainian Air Force
Оріщенко Анастасія Олександрівна: Модель кластерізації організаційних систем
Маркова Наталія Миколаївна: Спосіб оптимізації маршрутів доставки товарно-матеріальних цінностей Рівненської атомної електростанції
Гузієнко Ірина Віталіївна: Удосконалена модель розпізнавання артефактів слабко структурованої української природної мови


Nadiia Boiko: Improved Markowitz Model for Formation of Investement Portfolio of Securities
Roman Katsalap: Mathematical Models and Software of a Music Recommender System
Serhii Beltser: Mathematical Models and Software of a System for Objects Movement Trajectory Prediction Using Machine Learning Methods
Ivan Lozovskyi: Mathematical Models and Software of an Automated Musical Recommender System for a Mobile Device User
Denys Drabchuk: System for Handwritten Mathematical Expressions Recognition and Their Processing in Numerical Form
Vasyl Navrotskyi: Method for Pretraining of Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Objects Classification Based on TensorFlow Library