Open Lecture by Prof. Oleg Chertov

What is Data Science?
What is covered in the Machine Learning course?
What does the curriculum of the Data Science and Mathematical Modeling graduate track look like?

Answers can be found in an open lecture given by Prof. Oleg Chertov.

AMD Alumni Association

Dear alumni! Applied Mathematics Department proposes to organize its Alumni association. Join the discussion of this idea!

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Attention All Alumni!

Dear alumni! We invite you to provide brief information about yourself in the “Alumni” section. To get login and password to your account at the website, please contact PMA website administration:

Please, write a few words about yourself - where do you live, what do you do, etс.

Welcome to the website of the Applied Mathematics Department of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikosky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”!

The stable development of Ukraine is impossible without qualified specialists that possess the fundamental grounding necessary for implementing mathematical methods in scientific and industrial spheres. Such specialists are also capable of new computer technologies and appropriate means of developing new technologies and methods for solving real-life problems. That is why the scientific researches in our Department are mainly held in the fields of solving applied math and computer science problems, and developing the mathematical background, software and hardware for new information technologies. Our students gain a high-level grounding that is directed to the practical use of mathematical methods and means of modern IT for solving wide range if engineering problems in the fields of industrial, ecological and economical spheres.
Our Alumni work as analysts and programmers:

 - at information and analyst bank departments;
 - at computer departments in firms and companies;
 - at scientific and analytic departments of the SSU, MIF, custom and tax services of Ukraine;
 - at scientific institutes of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine;
 - at the other organizations, both state and private.

You can find all the important information here at the website. Also, you can join active social life even without leaving you very apartment!