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# Student Name Advisor Name Title Abstract References
1 Anastasiia Kuzmenko Mathematical Models and Software of the System for Managing the Treatment Strategy for Patients with Rotavirus Infection
2 Iryna Yakymenko Mathematical Model of Functional Reserve of the Patient's Organism with Coronary Heart Disease
3 Kateryna Nehoda System for Identification of Psychological Condition of a Child by Her Drawings
4 Mykola Kuksa Financial Portfolio Multi-Objective Optimization Method Based on Markov Chains
5 Oleksii Bulakh Mathematical Model of HIV Infection Spread Among the Population of Ukraine
6 Olha Korovai Modified Combinatorial Method of Pairwise Comparisons with Feedback
7 Olha Sulema Method of Building Quasi-Hierarchical Models of Subject Domains Based on Analyzing Language Networks Node Centrality
8 Roman Kulyk Method of Minimizing Query Processing Time on the HADOOP Platform
9 Svitlana Dediuk Economic and Mathematical Inventory Management Model of Infectious Diseases Diagnostics Tools
10 Tetiana Fioshkina System for Ukrainian Texts Verification
11 Viktor Hozhyi System for Automatic Estimation of Person's Psychological Traits By Her Social Network Profile