The Scientific and Technical Library of NTUU “KPI” was founded in 1896. Now it is one of the best libraries of Ukraine and Europe as well and represents the combination of architecture, art, and modern technologies.

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Library it was named after Professor G. I. Denysenko. He was a former rector of the Institute, and it was him who initiated the construction of new Library facilities.

The University Library was built on a special project. The total area of the complex is 14000 sq. m. The Library includes 15 reading halls with 1500 seats capacity, halls with catalogs, information and bibliographic references, 8 book depositories, 6 reader-rooms with educational, scientific and technical, social and economic literature, fiction and periodicals.

The walls of the Library halls are decorated with wall-paintings by V. Pasyvenko, an artist, the Taras Shevchenko state prize-winner. The general concept of the paintings is “Man and Nature”; the titles of the paintings are as follows: “Man and Fire,” “Man and Aqua,” “Man and Earth,” “Man and Space.” The idea of the paintings is harmony of man with nature. The art exhibitions of Ukrainian artists, university teachers and students often take place at the library premises.

The Library has a fine conference hall for international, local and the university conferences, student's completions, students' Olympiads, meetings with writers, men of science and culture, leaders of the government, city and university authorities.

The Library is frequently attended by government authorities, delegations from various countries. The Library keeps friendly relations with foreign countries culture centers and libraries like the British Council, the United Stated Embassy Information Service, and the French Cultural Center. A particularly close cooperation was established with the German Cultural Center, the Goethe Institute, which was located in the Library building during 1993-2005. Nowadays, the Library houses the Ukraine-Japan Cultural Centre.

The Library has many times received grants from the International Renaissance Foundation and the Open Society Institute.

At present, the Library is the subscriber of about 1000 periodic titles.

The dissertations, research works, and reports conducted by the University researchers are kept in the Library stock. Valuable and unique is the collection of the lecturers' works and articles with their autographs and materials on the University history: books, photo albums and summary reports.

The Library has the local computer network with library integrated package “ALEPH-500” for 218 connections. It enables to use automated processing of literature (collection, cataloging) and helps to supply users with information at the halls and on-line. The Library has been developing and improving the electronic catalog since 1987.

With the help of Internet the Library has an access to the full-text versions of more than 7500 titles of electronic journals and articles published by Springer-Verlag, Academic Press, and EBSCO. The Library has an access to the databases of many libraries in Ukraine, Russia and the other countries.

List of the Library departments:

  • acquisitions;
  • cataloging;
  • reference and information;
  • manuals;
  • internal University publications;
  • scientific and technical literature;
  • periodicals;
  • standards;
  • social-economic and fictional literature;
  • technical services.   
The Library offers:
  • photocopying;
  • scaning;
  • Internet access;
  • remote e-mails access;
  • handwritings indexing;
  • lending documents;
  • preparing bibliography documents lists;
  • electronic documents delivery;
  • varnishing;
  • photos and paintings exhibitions;
  • snack-bar.
The Library is open every day, except for Sunday, from 9:00 till 21:00, on Saturday  from 9:00 to 17:00. The last day of month is sanitary.
Address: 37 Peremohy ave., Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine.

Tel./Fax +38 (044) 236-30-72.

According to the booklet “National Technical University of Ukraine

“Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Prof. G. Denysenko Scientific and Technical Library (Dryhailo, V., Volynets, V.), 2008