Terms of Settlement (were active before the covid pandemic time)

Colleagues, the conditions below were in effect before the coronavirus epidemic spread worldwide.

We leave them on the site in the hope that over time they will become relevant again because everything will return to normal. 

To move into the FoAM dormitory, you have to proceed along several stages and gather necessary documents and certificates. The list of initially required documents is as follows:

1. Passport.

2. A health certificate with a fluorography stamp (form 086-у or similar).

3. Forms from the passport office ending the registration as resident.

4. 2 photos 3x4.

5. For guys only — pre-conscription certificate, or military service card.

First-year students move into the dorm from August 26 to September25. It is desirable (however, not required) to arrive on the day specified in a call for study (move-in lists).


Step 1. Register at the Dorm Head office and passport office

Dorm 14 — 5 Kovalskyi lane.

Dorm Head — Liudmyla Victorivna Bushylo, phone (044) 454-94-99.

Passport officer — Hanna Leonidivna Hlavatska, phone (044) 454-99-49.

To bring along:

— passport with a stamp validating the ending of the registration as resident, and passport office cards;

— a reference from the dean office;

— a call for study;

As a result, you get a move-in warrant with the passport office stamp.


Step 2. Have a medical inspection

Student clinic of the NTUU “KPI” — 16/2 Yanhelia st.

FoAM therapeutist— Olha Frantsivna Pohorielova, room 3-09 (second floor).

To bring along:

— health certificate with a fluorography stamp ;

— a move-in warrant .

After the inspection, the therapeutist puts a stamp for its successful completion.


Step 3 (for guys only). Military registration

Military mobilization department of the NTUU “KPI” — build. 31 (7-a Metalistiv st.), room 1-01.

To bring along:

— a military service card ( pre-conscription certificate );

— a move-in warrant.

As a result, you get a Military mobilization department (Solomianskyi DMC) stamp on your warrant.


Step 4. At the Dorm Head office:

— sign a housing contract;

— read the house rules;

— pay a housing rent at least a month in advance according to the payment regulations.

To bring along:

— a move-in warrant with the passport office stamp, the faculty therapeutist stamp (for guys — with the Solomianskyi DMC stamp);

— money to pay a housing rent.

The Dorm Head issues you a certificate, which you bring to the Admissions Bureau (backside of the dorm 7, 3 Metalistiv st.), and get a pass to be activated at 18:00 on the day of its issue.

If you are a second-year student or older, and you want to move into the dorm for the first time, you should contact the Deputy Dean on Dorms, Viktoriia Hromova, and write an appropriate application. The follow-up procedure is similar to the one described above.

For detailed information, refere to Studcity's website.