AMD Department at ECMI Education Committee Meeting

Applied Mathematics Department (NTUU “KPI”) at the ECMI Educational Committee Meeting

February 6–7, 2015, Milano, Italy

Prof. Franck Leprévost (Université du Luxembourg) Public Lecture

We welcome everyone to the lecture to be delivered by Prof. Franck Leprévost (Université du Luxembourg). The lecture is devoted to a problem of the list of the Clay Mathematics Institute, namely, whether classes P and NP are equal or not.

In this lecture, the scientist will explain what the problem is, and also how big is “big,” how fast is “fast,” how whisky, bacteria, DNA, the Sun, the Milky Way, and the observable Universe come in the game.

Why Applied Math?


admissions are about to begin soon, and many entrants will choose the uni to study, and the major to pursue.
Many of you faced the same choice some time ago, and decided to choose the Applied Mathematics Department.

Please share your thoughts,
1) why did you choose applied math in the first place?
2) what useful knowledge and skills did you gain studying at the AMD?
3) why, in your opinion, new entrants ought to enter our department?

Applied Mathematics Major Shall Remain!

Attention all faculty members, students, alumni, and friends of the Applied Mathematics Department!

We’re glad to announce great news.
In the updated list of fields and majors approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 04/29/2015, the “Applied Mathematics” major in the “Mathematics and Statistics” field has been preserved!

Intelligent Analysis of Information’2015

Welcome to the XV T. A. Taran International Scientific Conference “Intelligent Analysis of Information”

The XV International Scientific Conference “Intelligent Analysis of Information’2015” (IAI’2015) continues international scientific seminars and conferences “Intelligent Analysis of Information”, held annually at the NTUU “KPI” since 2001.

Oleg Chertov Appointed Head of the AMD Department



On December 17, 2014, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Oleg Chertov was appointed as the Head of the Applied Mathematics Department.

Department faculty and students congratulate Dr. Chertov with taking this responsible office, and wish great achievements in developing the department, great strengths and creative power on this uneasy path!

Sikorsky Challenge Startup School

For the attention of graduate students and interested persons!

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and the Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnica” announce admission to the Sikorsky Challenge Startup School, which is a part of the Sikorsky Challenge Innovation Ecosystem.

Training in this school is the first step towards creating your own startup.  Students will get theoretical knowledge and practical skills of creating innovative tech startups.

Oleksandr Molchanov Passed Away

Doctor of Science, Professor, the long-serving Head of the Applied Mathematics Department, Oleksandr Molchanov, 73, peacefully passed away.

The Department faculty, staff, and students express their condolence to the family of the deceased.

We will always keep a memory of Prof. Molchanov as a man of dignity, outstanding scientist and teacher, experienced manager who successfully supervised our Department for more than 35 years.

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015

The thirteenth season of the world's student technology competition Imagine Cup 2015 is about to begin. Imagine Cup competitors compete in creating projects that address the Imagine Cup theme: “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems.”

All-Ukrainian Census data prepared by Department researchers integrated into the IPUMS-International database

On July 28, 2014, the world’s biggest population microdatabase, IPUMS-International, was expanded by including data from 8 countries: Dominican Republic, Ghana, Ireland, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Zambia: