Study в Technische Universität Dresden

Dear students of the AMD Department!

NTUU “KPI” Academic Mobility Division announces the start of the application process for short-term study at Technische Universität Dresden for any major offered by this university.

Two scholarships are being offered for study in the Summer 2016 semester, from April to August. The scholarship amounts to approximately €450 per month.

Department Assist. Prof. Sergiy Siryk Got PhD Degree

On November 30, 2015, Applied Mathematics Department Assistant Professor Sergiy Siryk brilliantly defended his PhD thesis in physics and mathematical sciences, major 01.05.02 (mathematical modeling and numerical methods).
The title of the thesis is Computational schemes and weight functions of finite element Petrov-Galerkin method for high-precision modeling of convection-diffusion processes.

Erasmus+ Program

Dear students and faculty of the Applied Mathematics Department!

Study in Harbin Institute of Technology

Dear students and alumni of the AMD Department!
As part of the Chinese state program, Harbin Institute of Technology welcomes for enrollment in its Master program, which also includes learning Chinese.

More details about the program can be found on the NTUU “KPI” Academic Mobility Division website.

Department Undergrad Anastasiia Shcherbak at the Modelling Week

From July, 19, to July, 26, 2015, the 4th year AMD undergraduate Anastasiia Shcherbak participated in the 28th Modelling Week hosted by European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI). Our department is a member of this Consortium. This year, the modelling week took place in Lisboa (Portugal).

After successful completing the week, Anastasiia obtained an appropriate certificate.

AMD Student Oleksandr Honchar Won a Scholarship for Studying at Verona University

Applied Mathematics Department faculty and staff congratulate our student, Oleksandr Honchar, with winning the scholarship from Verona University for pursuing the Master’s Degree in Mathematics for two years (€ 9.000 gross per year).

Theses on the Website

Dear students, faculty members, visitors of the Applied Mathematics Department website!

Starting from the final assessments of summer, 2015, the department will publish on its website full texts (excluding appendices) of the Bachelor, Specialist, and Master theses.

Theses are available in the “Final Assessment” subsection of the “Activities” section.

Dan Tavrov is a Fulbright Grantee

This year, Dan Tavrov, Assistant Lecturer at the Applied Mathematics Department, PhD student (scientific advisor ScD, Head of the AMD Oleg Chertov), won the Fulbright scholarship to conduct research at the Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, the U.S.).

Dan became the finalist of the Fulbright Faculty Development Program, with his project devoted to providing data group anonymity. Mr. Tavrov will be doing his research under the famous American Professor Stephen Fienberg.