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# Student Name Advisor Name Title Abstract References
1 Alona Suprun Software-Oriented Equilibrium Model for Analysis of Prevention and Treatment Strategies for Rotavirus Infection
2 Anastasiia Rudenko Software System for Forecasting Exchange Rates During Currency Transactions
3 Daria Butova Software of a System for Risk Management of Investment Project of a Small Construction Enterprise
4 Dmytro Petrenko Expert System for Disease Diagnosting By Anamnesis
5 Ihor Mahdenko Mathematical Model of the Dynamics of Insurance Company Capital Using Markov Chains
6 Oksana Hlavatska Mathematics and Software of a System for Analyzing Financial Condition of a Transport Enterprise
7 Oleksandr Maslov Mathematics and Software of a System for Uncertain Knowledge Base Parametric Identification
8 Oleksii Morochenets Hardware and Software of a System for Detecting Position of Mobile Network Subscribers
9 Pavlo Ruban Knowledge Management System Using Classification and Clusterization Algorithms
10 Viktor Shaban Mathematics and Software of CRM System for Ordering Taxi
11 Yevheniia Kovalenas Software for Recognizing and Filtering the Vessels Structure of Cervical Spine Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging