Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs

European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry

In 2010, Applied Mathematics Department joined European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI) and since then has taken an active part in its work, introducing European standards and approaches into education for applied mathematics. Since 2012/2013 academic year, undergraduates have been trained via renewed curriculum entirely satisfying ECMI requirements. In particular, such innovative form of education as semester applied modeling seminar has been introduced and maintained.

Leading members of Consortium regularly come to the KPI with lectures and trainings. Among them are Prof. Magnus Fontes, Lund University (Sweden) (May 25, 2010) and Prof. Matti Heiliö, Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland) (May 17, 2012).

Department students participate on a regular basis in various events hosted by the Consortium:

Horizon 2020 Collaboration

Since 2015, Applied Mathematics Department is a member of the AMMODIT (Approximation Methods for Molecular Modelling and Diagnosis Tools) project, a part of Horizon 2020the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014–2020).

Project duration: 08/01/2015–07/31/2019.
The maximum grant amount is EUR 823,500.00.

AMMODIT brings together research teams from the EU (Germany, Italy, and Austria) and Ukraine (Kyiv, Donetsk, Slovyansk) in the area of applied mathematics with emphasis on medical and life science applications.
The goal is joint research in six research tasks concerning:

  • the study of mathematical methods for Magnetic Particle Imaging
  • entropy-like measures and quantification of system complexity
  • coarse-grain modelling for (bio)polymers
  • diagnostic tools for cardiac surgery
  • regularization methods for causality detection
  • meta-learning approach to Nocturnal Hypoglycemia prediction

Project participant


Universität zu Lübeck,
Institute of Mathematics

Jürgen Prestin
(Project coordinator)

Politecnico di Milano,
Biomechanics Research Group

Alberto Redaelli

Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW),
Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM)

Sergei Pereverzyev

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Oleg Chertov

Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Alexandra Antoniouk

Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Nataliya Vasylyeva

During the project:

International Academic Relations

Ukrainian students are getting more interested in learning abroad. Due to friendly foreign relations of the department, providing access to joint international education schemes, these interests are becoming easier to accomplish. In 2009, the contract with École Polytechnique (Paris, France) for the training of masters was concluded. In 2010, the same agreement was concluded with the Université du Maine (France). In 2012, at the initiative of Applied Mathematics Department, treaty on Master training by double diploma programs was signed between KPI and Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland).

In the past years, the following undergraduates, graduates, and faculty benefited from the international activity of the department:

International Scientific Conference “Intelligent Analysis of Information”

Since 2001, Applied Mathematics Department has been hosting annual T. A. Taran International scientific conference “Intelligent Analysis of Information.” Conference founders include Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence, publishing house “Prosvita.” Participating countries are Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Poland. Conference proceedings are published after the conference.

International activity within the department is managed by the International Office of Applied Mathematics Department.