Freshmen Initiation Day

Each year, the student council of the dormitory organizes various fests for its residents. One of them is the Freshmen initiation day.

Student Everyday Life

They say a student isn’t real without having lived in a dormitory at least for a week. Because where else can you get life lessons of communicating with different people and become a self-organized person?

Terms of Settlement (were active before the covid pandemic time)

Colleagues, the conditions below were in effect before the coronavirus epidemic spread worldwide.

We leave them on the site in the hope that over time they will become relevant again because everything will return to normal. 

To move into the FoAM dormitory, you have to proceed along several stages and gather necessary documents and certificates. The list of initially required documents is as follows:

1. Passport.

2. A health certificate with a fluorography stamp (form 086-у or similar).

3. Forms from the passport office ending the registration as resident.

4. 2 photos 3x4.

5. For guys only — pre-conscription certificate, or military service card.