Military Training

While studying at the Applied Mathematics Department, students may attend military training and become a non-combatant officer.

The training can be attended at the Department of Military Training of NTUU “KPI”. To become a student of this department, young people of the 2nd and the 3rd grade have to pass the competitive examination. Studying is charged.

Only those students whose restriction degree is not more then СО-4 may pass the exams.

Students have to put in an appropriate application to the dean of the Applied Mathematics Faculty before the certain date.

Selection board considers:

  • fitness;
  • GPA for the previous semesters (only exams count) multiplied by 100;
  • grade for the premilitary training;
  • occupational and psychological level (tests).

Basing on the examination results, the selection board compiles a rating list. For each military chief a certain number of students with the maximum rate is chosen. The head of the selection board has to announce these results.