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Document Formatting Requirements

At the Applied Mathematics Department, when preparing final assessment theses, course project reports, practice reports, laboratory work reports, and other kinds of documentation, students are required to adhere to the SSTU 3008-95 “Documentation. Scientific and Technical Reports. Structure and Rules of Putting into Official Form.”

For students’ convenience, the Applied Mathematics Department produced guidance based on this standard that clarifies and enhances its most important positions.

Passing Final Exams

Final exams (finals) at the Applied Mathematics Department are carried out according to the Temporary Regulations on Educational Process Organization at NTUU “KPI”. The current page features only the most important moments.

Supervising Professors List

In academic year 2017–2018, the following faculty act as supervising professors:



Supervising Professor's

Supervising Professor's Name



Associate Professor

Violetta Tretynyk

Using LaTeX

At the Applied Mathematics Department, students are encouraged to use LaTeX (pronounced /ˈleɪtɛk/) document preparation system to format their lab reports, term project reports, and theses.

To use this system, it is necessary:


Силабуси освітніх компонентів ОПП бакалаврів "Наука про дані та математичне моделювання"

Освітні компоненти

Front-End розробка

Алгебра і геометрія

Алгоритми і системи комп'ютерної математики

Алгоритми і структури даних