Freshmen Initiation Day

Each year, the student council of the dormitory organizes various fests for its residents. One of them is the Freshmen initiation day.

Many of the freshmen having just moved into a dormitory do not know anyone. Therefore, they do not even suspect that in reality we are a friendly family. So, the fest is organized to attract and incorporate freshmen into our newly made family.

One September evening all the first-year students are being gathered near the dormitory. The student council chairman gives a talk, and then the Honorable Master reads excerpts from the Code of Student Life.

Every student having passed through the trial of the first session knows well that the student Bible is Calculus. Therefore, to inspire freshmen with love of learning, each of them is obliged to swear on the student Bible.


Freshmen by turn approach the Honorable Master, kneel, proclaim loudly I swear in response to the Master’s words, and then kiss the book. After that, each of them has to eat a spoonful of porridge and drink a glass of compote being the symbols of students' favorite food. At this point the first stage of initiation is completed.

tasting students' cook

Afterwards, all dormitory residents gather at the night club where they participate in lots of entertaining competitions.

First of all, there are competitions between floors which are attended exclusively by freshmen. Each team has a captain being the elder of the floor. With his aid, the team must prepare a show the night before the fest. The show is then being displayed on stage. Winners are determined by the jury composed of the dormitories and faculty administrations representatives, as well as the student council. After awarding the winners, students can spend the rest of the time with their friends.

After the feast, a whole series of adventures awaits freshmen. You simply cannot avoid that at our dormitory. We not only know how to study, but we also know how to have fun and spend lots of nice time together. The student council and the social worker organize many other exciting social events during the school year. So, you have each and every opportunity to lead an active social life and be informed of all events.

Welcome to our family