Dan Tavrov

Born 21 February 1991 in Kyiv. Graduated from the Kyiv specialized school 135 with advanced study of English. The school didn’t specialize in math and physics, so the choice of applied mathematics shocked many, especially family, where there was no member with technical background. The only person with a rather remote connection to math is the granny, who has worked all her life in commerce.

Graduated from the Applied Mathematics Department in 2013.

What courses do you teach?

“Fuzzy Mathematics,” “Evolutionary Computing,” “Software Quality Assurance,” “Calculus,” “Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable.”

Please tell us, when did you first express your desire to start lecturing?

The desire to lecture emerged when I was in my second year. Then, Lidiia Yakut who taught “Numerical Methods” proposed me to teach several lectures in numerical differentiation and numerical integration. This whole new experience proved to be very exciting. I approached Sergiy Kopychko with a question, “How do I become a lecturer?” From that time, starting when I was in my fourth year, he introduced me into lecturing.

When I was in my last year, Master Program curriculums were changed, and Oleg Chertov proposed me to teach a completely new master course, “Soft Computing.”

What are your plans for your work as a lecturer?

Being a lecturer has its own advantages. The workload is balanced, so that you can not only lecture, but also work in other fields for additional income. As long as this remains true, I plan to continue doing my job at the department.

Do you currently have any hobby?

I love reading books and playing the digital piano. Also, I write musical pieces. Currently, I've got about 15 tracks.

Also I follow the political situation in the state, analyze current events.

Dan, imagine all books, music, and movies have all gone in one day, and you have an opportunity to save one instance of each book, music album, and movie. What would you save?

This question is really hard for me, because it’s too responsible. Is it worth living in a world without music and books?

Imagine you caught a goldfish. What wishes would you make?

You know, I think that one needs to achieve everything in her own life with her own hands. You can rely only on yourself. Making wishes is, in my opinion, an example of childish thinking. Our society needs to get rid of it. So, I guess I would set the goldfish free.

I can, however, name a goal I set for myself. I am concerned to do my best at developing the Applied Mathematics Department so that it finally becomes the best in its field in Ukraine.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

Strange though it may seem, but I always wanted to become a scientist. However, then I imagined being a scientist slightly differently. For instance, I don’t work in a lab or something like that.

Do you believe in God?


Do you have favorites among students?

Yes, I do. You can meet rather creative, genuine folks who think out of the box. I enjoy talking to them. This does not correlate with the student’s academic excellence, though. There are good students, really, but they might be not interesting for me as personalities. On the other hand, there are bad students, lax and undisciplined, but this laxity comes not from their lack of desire to study, but from a particular state of mind, plenty of original thoughts.