Anatolii Pashko

What school did you graduate from?

I graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum of the T. Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

What courses do you teach?

“Stochastic Processes,” “Data Analysis.”

Why did you choose to become a lecturer?

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the research institute I worked for started changing its focus. I faced a choice whether to change my field or to change jobs. I chose the latter. That’s how I became a university lecturer.

Where did you work before lecturing?

I worked at the research institute, which is now called the L. Pohorilyi Research Institute of Prediction and Testing of Agricultural Equipment and Technologies. I started as a programming engineer, and ultimately resigned from a position of the Head of the Precision Agriculture Department. I worked in technology automation.

Do you regret expelling students?

Yes, I do. However, sometimes you simply don’t have other options.

Do you believe the overall level of students decreases from year to year?

Unfortunately, this is really so. Each year I come across exceptionally smart students. However, the mean overall level of students is decreasing.

Do you believe in God?

Yes, I do.

If all the books disappeared off the face of the Earth, which one would you try to rescue?

Considering my answer to the previous question, I would wish to save the Bible.

If you caught a goldfish, what wishes would you make?

My first wish would probably be the well-being for my family.

Secondly, I’d wish for peace in Ukraine.

And my third wish would be to do a great job as a lecturer.

What hobbies have you got?

I collect FC Dynamo Kyiv badges.

What did you wish to become when you were a child?

I used to have many interests. Possibly, the most memorable thing is that I wanted to become a programmer or an academician. You see, I grew up in a remote Polissia village, where papers were the biggest source of information. I would read with great interest all the stuff about Institute of Cybernetics, V. Glushkov, smart machines.