Nataliia Liubashenko

What courses do you teach?

“Programming,” “Computing Methods,” “Artificial Intelligence Methods.”

Why did you choose to become a lecturer?

Frankly speaking, I did not choose to be a lecturer. It just happened.

Do you regret expelling students?

I do very very very much.

Do you believe the overall level of students decreases from year to year?

Over the years, no. I believe it only increases. However, students need new forms of teaching the courses.

If only every piece of art disappeared for good, what book and movie would you save?

I would save a soviet movie (no one knows it) called “No Right for Mercy.” Also, I would save books of an English woman writer Watto.

Do you believe in god?

No, I don’t believe in god. I don’t believe in the afterlife either. I think that the life has its beginning, and its end. That end is ultimate.

If you caught a goldfish, what wishes would you make?

However funny it may sound, but I’d order a delicious dinner.

Also, I wish all the classrooms were filled with warmth and superb equipment. Lectures would be more informative and effective that way. I deem the teaching approach involving a blackboard, a piece of chalk, and the cold to be outdated.

What hobbies have you got?

Tourism is the best recreation. Also, I love crocheting.

What did you want to become when you were a child?

I did not dream of anything specific. I enjoyed being who I were at the time.

Can you recollect a funny story from you teaching experience?

Once, a history professor uttered, “Capitalism around the globe takes great strides toward the precipice.” Then, in several sentences, he added, “But the Soviet Union and similar states overtake and surpass it.”

Do you want to change something at the Department?

You know, the Department welcomes very good students. No one can match us in this respect. There is no need to change. We need to do our best to support the students from the first year all the way through to the last one. We needn’t expel them, we need to do everything we can to keep them in the university.

Were there any events in your life that drastically changed you as a person?

In the course of life, many unpleasant events happen, which influence a person a lot. Nevertheless, if the organism has a firm basis, you can only do as much as bend the person. However, then she draws herself up, and keeps everything that happened as a pleasant memory. The life was rich for events, the life was interesting. All the episodes make life more diverse. As my friend used to say, monotony kills.

Anyway, I think, that which does not kill us makes us stronger.