Sergiy Kopychko

First be a student, the rest is secondary!

What courses do you teach?

“Computing Systems Architecture,” “Operating Systems.”

Where were you born, what school did you graduate from?

I was born in Belarus, in the town of Pinsk, Brest region. I graduated from an eleven-year school there. I was the first student in its history to graduate with honors.

Studying was easy for me, though the curriculum back then certainly differed sufficiently from the modern one. Back in school, I took part in various contests, e.g. in physics, math. I even participated in the Republic contest in chemistry. Also, I would always consciously combine sports and study, which helped me a lot in my life.

Later, as I was the best student, I was offered a job in high school. I worked there for one year.

Why did you enter KPI?

As I worked in high school, I had a solid ground for entering a college. After certain hesitation (I wanted to enter various colleges such as military medical academy, Bauman MHTS, and others), I decided to study in KPI, at the Department of Computing Technics.

At that time, abacus and arithmometer were the biggest computing machines I saw in my life. Nevertheless, I always took great interest in what industry sectors are gaining importance, what specialists are in need. That’s why I studied at the Faculty of Automatics and Electrical Instrument Engineering, at the Department of Computing Technics.

What helped me choose this very path? Intuition, I guess. No one forced me, no one told me about it. I made my decision completely on my own, and I think I didn’t make a mistake. Anyway, I love my job.

Why did you decide to become a lecturer?

After having graduated from the college in 1971, I worked as an engineer at the Department. My colleagues noticed I had the knack and desire for teaching people, so they proposed me to start lecturing.

I enrolled for a postgraduate course in 1973. My thesis was strongly connected with a newly created Applied Mathematics Department. In due time, I was offered an office of the Faculty of Informatics and Computing Science Deputy Dean for Studies and Pedagogical Work.

On June 17, 1990, the Faculty of Applied Mathematics was created. Its first Dean was a member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Prof. I. Kovalenko. From that time on, my life and work are connected with this Faculty.

Frankly saying, I could find myself a job elsewhere, but I really enjoy the process of teaching. I feel the greatest joy when I see that the students understand me. Besides, I’ve got more than 40 years of experience. A lecturer lives for his students. If there are no students, there are no lecturers, and no KPI, for that matter.

What hobbies have you got?

I’ve got a lot of interests.

First of all, it is my family. I’ve a got a big one—a wife, two sons, a daughter, and two grandsons. My older son Oleksandr graduated from our Department, defended his PhD thesis, and currently works as a programmer. My younger son Oleksii graduated from the Faculty of Welding, he is the SSU lieutenant colonel now. My daughter Anny also graduated from our Department, now she’s rearing a son, Ivan.

Then, I’ve got some land, where we spend much time.

Although, my biggest hobby is my car. I get much satisfaction from spending time with it, because I like when everything works.

Also, I love watching sports on TV. As a professional basketball player, I can assess technical skills, performance, and gameplay. However, when I’m watching competitions with Ukrainian sportsmen, my patriotic feelings prevail.

What was your student life like?

I very well remember studying, and the dorm, and the cafeteria. The KPI cafeteria was always known for its splendid compote. However, when I, with my friends, would order it, we always begged to pour it without the “sides.”

There was a time when I, with many students and professors, participated in the construction of buildings 7, 18, 24, and the library. All these were built with our own hands. Therefore, it’s a pleasure to contemplate the results of that effort over the years. The only thing that shocks is how the students treat this effort nowadays.

There was so much stuff I can’t even begin to tell. For instance, when I’m told how to sneak into the dorm, I usually reply I know at least 30 ways more. And how to perform water pranks, too. But I’d like to warn everyone—keep the house rules and don’t look for any more trouble!

What plans have you got?

I want to keep up and bring benefits to the educational process. To be sufficiently loaded with work so as to make full use of my energy potential.

My motto is never stop achieving.

Which character traits do you value the most, and which ones do you despise?

I praise decency and responsibility. We’re only given one life, and we need to live it properly.

I dislike loafers and those who take someone’s place, negative traits in general.

However, there should be good and bad things in life alike. That’s how I perceive it.

My credo is to treat a person like a Person above all. A person is not a tool, it is a very intricate creature.

Is it hard to be Sergiy Kopychko?

Not easy, you know. If you really want to achieve something in your life, you need to keep calm, always be focused and disciplined. This is the only way to achieving good results.

I’ve got energy, willingness to work, plenty of ideas. The only thing I lack is time, since I’ve got to handle quite dissimilar problems.

I could lead a calm life, but that’s not for me. This is how I stand in life, and I’m not gonna change that.