Andriy Razumnyi

Andriy Razumnyi
Manager, LLC "Valartin Pharma"

Class of 1996

Dear Applicant,

Already 20 years have passed since the time when I graduated from the NTUU “KPI” Applied Mathematics Department, majoring in “Applied Mathematics.” Considering substantial time span having passed from student’s years, I can claim with certainty that education gained at the department became for me the most important investment for further professional life.

Today I’m positive those times in my life were spent with great utility. I cannot say that studying was easy for me. In fact, it was hard. I had to make every effort, hard and even harder, work a lot in order to pass all the trials and eventually graduate with honors. When it was hard, you strained your cognitive abilities, developed them, and grew intellectually. For me, it was a real 6 year worth “training” for my brain, for developing my personality, mental abilities, and analytical skills.

The background gained during years of study hasn’t been downplayed in 20 years that passed since my studenthood. Certainly, today I cannot compete with a skilled “primate” student in solving differential equations. However, that which remains to this day and follows me in my life is analytical way of thinking, skills in data processing, information analysis, complex system research, making managerial decisions, and, most importantly, ability to learn constantly. All this became my main professional tool in various fields of Ukrainian economy, where I had a chance to work—from managing marketing of famous brand names to running major pharmaceutical enterprises.

I wish every worthy applicant to earn the honor of being a student at the Applied Mathematics Department. Education is investment in your future. Spend your student years to your advantage. Real efforts and hard work are always rewarded!