Serhiy Shkarlet

Serhiy Shkarlet
Minister of Education and Science
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor
Meritorious Scientist and Technologist of Ukraine

Class of 1995
Speciality: Applied Mathematics, Major: Mathematical Models for Automation Systems

“Mathematics should be studied if only for that it puts the mind in order.”
M. V. Lomonosov

When I became a freshman, I already knew what important knowledge I would get at the Applied Mathematics Department, and that exactly this knowledge would help me build my own future.
Applied mathematics as a foundation for modeling modern processes in various spheres of human activity is the main work tool for researching and predicting complex physical phenomena and multifarious processes.
Knowledge, abilities, skills, and competences, which the department provides for its students, allow them to be competitive in the modern labor market, to constantly and intensively develop their creative potential.

Department alumni gain not only specific professional knowledge. They also master a holistic knowledge system and modern style of thinking; they are able to set and independently solve any task applying their knowledge in practice; make unconventional decisions; find the most efficient ways for reaching set goals and making the most ambitious aspirations come true.

With respect and gratitude to all the department faculty who gave me the right guideline in life and laid the foundations of necessary knowledge.