Viktor Poberezhnyk

Viktor Poberezhnyk
Class of 1994

For 18 years, I worked at ASBIS Enterprises Plc, an international distributor of computer components, laptops, software, smartphones, and other accessories, as a Vice President for CIS, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.
I started my career as a business manager in Ukraine (1997). In 2005, my zone of responsibility was widened, as I became responsible for developing business in CIS countries. Since 2011, I in additional became responsible for developing and managing business in Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.
During my time spent at ASBIS, I introduced to the market innovation technologies and novel products. In 2014, for instance, I introduced official iPhone sales into Ukrainian market.
In 2004, I was one of the proponents of creating the Association of Information Technology Enterprises of Ukraine.
Since March 31, 2015, I decided to focus on developing my own businesses. Today, my attention is drawn to developing energy-saving technologies and alternative energy market.
Currently I’m an active member of the Association for Innovation Development.

The main thing that I got from the Applied Mathematics Department is systems thinking, which is the ability to connect a variety of dissimilar elements into a single system of complicated interrelations. Elements are everything that surrounds us, viz., people, technology, nature, businesses, etc. Systems thinking enables us to grasp the whole picture, build cause-and-effect relations, and manage a control system for an enterprise, a region, a country.
A very important aspect of systems thinking is searching for a lever for influencing other systems. With the right view, a small change in one system can lead to large and beneficial changes in other systems.
Systems thinking helps to look several years into the future, plan your life, work, career, business. It helps to easily cope with challenges that persist in our today lives, quickly analyze the situation and make timely decisions based on analysis and current situation.

Dear applicants! Please remember that many universities teach programming. You can learn to program even on your own. However, programming for the sake of programming is not sufficient. We’ve got plenty of young people who know how to code, but very few of them who can set the task for other programmers.
A person who can set the task is a systems architect, and his end product is always a complex system that solves specific tasks of other systems.
Alumni of the KPI Applied Mathematics Department are complex systems architects!