Student Council

Student organizations of KPI represent powerful force which is ready to be the best friend and the first adviser of every student. Its principles are reflected in slogan “Students for students”.

AMF Student Council is a serious and at the same time cheerful student organization. It comprises interesting, unique and energetic young people with an active lifestyle who are willing to struggle for life improvement and University development. The Student Council activity is aimed at encouraging academic, scientific and creative work among the students; organizing their entertainment and recreation; collaboration with other faculties and universities; participating in international cooperation; organizing cultural, sporting and educational activities; implementing fresh and interesting student ideas.

The AMF Student Council invites everyone with intention and desire to color and excite our lives, everyone who can propose something new and useful. Furthermore, it is open to those who have problems and are in a need for help and support; who are capable of sharing their cares with others to accept sincere responses and profound sympathies.

The Council includes Culture, Information, Sports and International Sections. Each of them is responsible for a certain functional area, but only their mutual interaction makes it possible to successfully achieve common goals.

Culture Section performs activities most noticeable for the average student. It organizes such events as Freshmen Initiation, Freshman Day, Mister AMF, Miss AMF and others.

Sports Section is in charge of soccer and volleyball teams of the Faculty, and also holds meetings of poker club and board game club.

Information Section plays extremely important role which may seem invisible to ordinary students. Its members put up posters about future Faculty events, circulate information among the students (in particular, placing latest news in social networks), and follow up after current events within and outside the University.

International Section maintains various global activities related to the Faculty. These include International Workshop-Training on Applications of Computer and Software Engineering (ACSE), International Open Students Olympiad on Programming KPI-Open, International scientific conference “Intelligent Analysis of Information”, Microsoft workshops, and others.