Applied Mathematics and Computing’2014

During April 16–18, Faculty of Applied Mathematics held VІ Scientific Master and Graduate Students Conference “Applied Mathematics and Computing’2014.”

Bachelor, master, and graduate students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics participated in the conference. The total of 13 Applied Mathematics Department representatives took part in this event.

All the talks were grouped into three sessions: “Applied Mathematics,” “Computer Science, Computer Engineering,” and “Information Technology, Software Engineering.”

The best talks given at the “Applied Mathematics” session are:

  • О. R. Chertov, O. B. Dushenin, “Detecting and Analyzing Social Network Hidden Groups Fuzzy Model”;
  • A. V. Turubarova, Y. P. Drobyshev, “Efficiency Evaluation of the Contextual Advertising Campaign Keywords”;
  • P. P. Maslianko, A. V. Sergeyeva, “The Model of Interaction Biological Populations “Two Victims - Predator” With the Influence of Human's Hunting.”