Intelligent Analysis of Information’2017

For more than 15 years now, Applied Mathematics Department of the Igor Sikorsky KPI has been hosting an annual forum of researchers in data mining, knowledge engineering methods, ontology development, intelligent educational systems, data science, etc. Early forums took the form of the international scientific workshop, later becoming full-fledged International scientific conferences “Intelligent Analysis of Information.” In 2009, the conference was named after Tetiana Taran, ScD, Professor of the Applied Mathematics Department, who was one of its foremost co-founders

Earlier this year, on April 16, before the conference, its another faithful friend passed away. Prof. Yurii Valkman, ScD, was a regular member of the conference Program Committee. His last position was the Head of the Division of Distributed Intelligent Systems of the International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of NASU and MESU, Professor of the Department of the Mathematical Methods of System Analysis at the Institute for Applied Systems Analysis ESC (Igor Sikorsky KPI). After the welcoming remarks by the Program Committee Co-Chair, Head of the Applied Mathematics Department Oleg Chertov, close friends and colleagues of the late Prof. Valkman delivered their obituaries, including V. Stepashko, L. Sviatogor, V. Golenkov (Belarus), N. Borgest (Russia).

In the three conference days from May 17 to 19, 40 papers were presented (either as talks or as posters) by authors from Ukraine (34), Russia (3), Belarus (2), and Kazakhstan (1). Applied Mathematics Department faculty submitted 9 papers, faculty from other Igor Sikorsky KPI departments submitted 10 papers.

During the conference, talks were delivered not only by the representatives of mature scientific schools of the Program Committee members D. Lande, A. Snarskii, Y. Ivohin, V. Golenkov (Belarus), but also by young scientists of the newly created school of S. Tytenko, Assoc. Prof. of the Department of Automation of Power Processes and Systems Engineering of the Igor Sikorsky KPI.

Special attention was received by the talk delivered by Prof. I. Velbytsky, “Programming without Programming Languages (Novel Mathematical Polyglot Concept).” In the talk, the author defended the idea of programming using graphs whose arcs are weighted with elementary mathematic symbols and expressions, without using traditional programming languages. According to the author, the new concept dramatically simplifies, improves, and speeds up processes of developing algorithms, programs, and data without mistakes, their verification, self-documenting, and documenting the motivations behind the decisions made.

The conference proceeded in the atmosphere of friendly communication and lively discussion.

In his closing remarks, O. Chertov noted that the given talks were interesting and exhibited high quality. He thanked all the participants for their scientific and professional interest in IAI, and expressed hope that even more participants will join the conference the following year.

This year proceedings will be available on the conference proceedings page.