World Conference on Soft Computing

In May this year, a group of applied mathematics department scientists consisting of

  • Oleg Chertov (Ph. D., assoc. prof.),
  • Marharyta Aleksandrova (student, KM-71), and
  • Dan Tavrov (student, KM-72)
participated in the World Conference on Soft Computing. The conference took place at the San Francisco State University from May, 23, to May, 26. It was unofficially dedicated to the 90th anniversary of fuzzy logic founder, prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh.


Participants of our department gave 2 talks: "Clustering with Prototype Extraction for Census Data Analysis" (O. Chertov, M. Aleksandrova)

виступ Александрової

and "SSA-Caterpillar in Group Anonymity" (D. Tavrov, O. Chertov). Both talks turned out to be very interesting for the rest of participants. The research area of these talks became a topic of intensive discussion.



Apart from heavy work during the conference, representatives of our group also managed to know better the great scientist Lotfi A. Zadeh,

чертов і заде   александрова і заде

meet Canadian colleagues of Ukrainian descent,


and, of course, enjoy beautiful scenery of cool San Francisco. As Mark Twain once claimed, "The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco".

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