Quarantine in Ukraine is a preventive activity

Usually, in the quarantine period people are divided into two groups: those who are happy and relaxing, and those who suddenly discover all the symptoms of all diseases.

We remind you: quarantine in Ukraine is a preventive activity.

The main symptoms of coronavirus are fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. Do not confuse with SARS (sneezing, aching, runny nose, sore throat) and flu (fever, fatigue, aching, headache) and consult a doctor in time.

Follow standard hygiene rules:

  •         wash your hands with soap and treat with an alcohol-containing antiseptic more often;
  •         cover your mouth with your elbow or disposable wipes when you sneeze;
  •         stay away from people;
  •         DO NOT shake hands while greeting;
  •         heat food;
  •         sanitize things and surfaces. Especially smartphones!

And in quarantine, you have more time to switch to a healthy lifestyle: eat right, exercise, drink enough water and get enough sleep !!! After all, this is the best prevention of all diseases.

And be informed: up-to-date information about the virus is available via the link (https://covid19.com.ua/).