Quarantine in KPI - officially

University quarantine begins on March 12. It will last three weeks - until the beginning of April. During it, all forms of learning will be distance ones.
This is provided by a university order adopted on March 11, 2020, in accordance with decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
With the successful organization of distance learning, it’s not necessary to work through the pairs that are missed!
In the campus, quarantine provides for the abolition of public events. Residents can stay in the hostel or go home - subject to access to the Internet for distance learning.
The administration of the campus organizes enhanced sanitation of the premises, as well as daily monitoring of the health status of students living in hostels.
We strongly recommend not to travel abroad unnecessarily. In particular, in countries where the spread of coronavirus infection is observed.
Important quarantine news is on the official KPI resources.