Prof. Franck Leprévost (Université du Luxembourg) Public Lecture

We welcome everyone to the lecture to be delivered by Prof. Franck Leprévost (Université du Luxembourg). The lecture is devoted to a problem of the list of the Clay Mathematics Institute, namely, whether classes P and NP are equal or not.

In this lecture, the scientist will explain what the problem is, and also how big is “big,” how fast is “fast,” how whisky, bacteria, DNA, the Sun, the Milky Way, and the observable Universe come in the game.

The lector will touch upon the scientific legacy of a genius, Alan Turing. He will also explain the role French perfumes, diamonds, and cyanide play in this story.

The lecture will take place on May 20, at 14:15, in the Hall of the Academic Council of the NTUU “KPI.”

The lecture is free. Please register beforehand via the link.

To find detailed information, proceed via the link.