IX International Workshop-Training on Applications of computer and software engineering ACSE'13

                The workshop devoted to the topic of computer and software engineering finished its work. The workshop took place at the Scientific and Technical Library of the NTUU “KPI” on 17–20 September. It is the ninth workshop organized and held by the Applied Mathematics Faculty of the NTUU “KPI”. This year, among a number of others topics, the following ones were discussed:

  • software with high reliability requirements;
  • a professional view on the job of a software tester;
  • a path from an IT-student to an IT-engineer.

                Within the workshop, master classes in WebGL and development of software for mobile devices on Android took place, as well as trainings that addressed various fields.

                The speakers, master class hosts, and discussion participants were the leading professionals working for such prominent IT companies as EPAM Systems, Luxoft, Miratech. More precisely, the master class on WebGL, the discussion about the professional growth of IT-students, and the lecture about the job of a software tester were organized by the EPAM company specialists Yuri Bura, Oleg Tsal-Tsalko, and Andrii Pylypovych. Trainings on automated testing and the application of the IBM Power technology were conducted by the experts from the Miratech company, Oleg Leonenko and Denys Kyrei. The professionals from the Luxoft company, Dmytro Riabokon, and Dmytro Pryimak, taught the students how to develop software for mobile devices on Android, as well as software and mathematical methods for financial markets.
                It is worth singling out the seminar about software with high reliability requirements prepared by the professor of the Carinthia University of Applied Science Dr. Christian Madritsch. The seminar tackled such topics as the review of programming languages with respect to the high reliability requirements, the discussion of appropriate standards used in the automobile and aerospace industries, and the practical application of JSF C/C++ and recommendations on programming in MISRA C/C++.

                Each training or master class ended with a small test for the participants. Basing on the test results, the participants could get an appropriate training certificate. This certificate may help with the employment acting as a proof of high professional knowledge level, and a will to expand knowledge in this field.

We invite everyone to the next workshop, which is expected to be held in September 2014. To be able to attend seminars, lectures, trainings, and master classes, you should register beforehand at http://acse.fpm.kpi.ua.