Graduate Program

Admission to the graduate program in Applied Mathematics (track: Data Science and Mathematical Modeling) is conducted competitively based on the Regulations of Admissions to Graduate Programs at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics in 2017 approved by the Academic Council of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics.

Additional information about applying for graduate programs can be found on the Igor Sikorsky KPI Admission Committee website.

Exam syllabi for admissions to the graduate program:

The following courses are taught at the graduate program:

  • 1.5-year program (see curriculum): “Machine Learning,” “Fuzzy Mathematics,” “Foundations of Scientific Research,” “Methods of Reliability Theory and Risks,” “Complex Systems Modeling,” “Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations,” “Evolutionary Computing,” “Data Mining,” “Mathematical Modeling of Biomedical Systems and Processes,” “Decision Support Methods,” “Computer-Aided Systems Design,” “Project Management”
  • 2-year program (see curriculum): the same as above plus “Text Mining,” “Big Data Mining,” “Applied Modeling”

We wish you the best of luck with your application, and look forward to meeting you at the Applied Mathematics Department!