AMD Student Oleksandr Honchar Won a Scholarship for Studying at Verona University

Applied Mathematics Department faculty and staff congratulate our student, Oleksandr Honchar, with winning the scholarship from Verona University for pursuing the Master’s Degree in Mathematics for two years (€ 9.000 gross per year).

As we all know, Applied Mathematics Department is a member of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry since 2010.
Verona University joined the consortium in 2014.
University representatives announced about the scholarship during the ECMI meeting, covered by our website before.

Judging by the quality of application (including a recommendation by the Head of the Department, Prof. Oleg Chertov) and the quality of the interview via Skype, Oleksandr took 1st place among 28 contestants.

We wish Oleksandr further achievements!
We strongly believe he will be a worthy representative of the AMD.
Applied Mathematics Department is proud of its students!