AMD Alumni Association

In brief, main idea of the association is as follows:

  1. Association legal status
  1. Association mission and purpose
  1. Funding of the association
  1. Organizing something akin to business incubators


  1. Association legal status — public (non-profit) organization.
  1. Association mission and purpose:
  • providing assistance to AMD alumni, which currently face certain predicaments (with getting a new job, financial aid for surgery etc.);
  • providing financial support to the retired lecturers;
  • encouraging youth to teach (currently, a significant number of the department staff members are of retirement age);
  • supporting talented students (providing them with the internship or employment, grants for conducting scientific research);
  • feedback from the alumni regarding curriculum, discussing its amendment;
  • organizing internships for the AMD students within companies headed by or employing our alumni;
  • promotion of the department in media, in professional environment, in high school (so that high school graduates make a conscious decision about entering the department);
  • others.
  1. Funding of the association:
  • membership contributions;
  • only sponsorship or patronage.
  1. Organizing something akin to business incubators:
  • something similar to start-ups (creative student teams led by lecturers, possibly, with other parties involved), which could fulfil tasks from companies headed by or employing our alumni;
  • of a special interest would be R&D projects, or projects of a significant scientific merit:
    • students could get necessary professional experience, companies could pick (and at the same time adapt) skilled new employees among students;
    • young (but not necessarily) lecturers could continue teaching without seeking additional income—salaries in Ukrainian education are known only too well.

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