All-Ukrainian Census data prepared by Department researchers integrated into the IPUMS-International database

On July 28, 2014, the world’s biggest population microdatabase, IPUMS-International, was expanded by including data from 8 countries: Dominican Republic, Ghana, Ireland, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Zambia:

From now on, the database totals more than 560 million person records that represent over 80% of the world’s population (79 countries/territories). For the first time in history, the 10% household sample of the 2001 All-Ukrainian population census became available for the researchers from around the globe. For a complete list of published samples, click

It is a pleasure to inform that the Ukrainian census data have been prepared by the Applied Mathematics Department researchers, ScD Oleg CHERTOV and PhD student Dan TAVROV, with the support of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. To prepare the data for publishing, the researchers used state-of-the-art methods of individual and group data protection from unwanted disclosure. They also implemented novel ideas of Oleg Chertov concerning providing data group anonymity.