Address of the Head of the Department, Prof. Oleg Chertov to applicants of 2023

At our department, it is customary to treat students with respect.
Yes, they are younger than the facuity, but they are our colleagues - younger colleagues who will continue the glorious traditions of the Applied Mathematics Department, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year!

Therefore, colleagues!

Colleagues, at the very beginning of your adult life, you have had a difficult fate: covid, war and ... time to make an important decision for your future with the choice of where to enroll.
It is important not to make a mistake here, because work will take up almost half of your life: standard 8 hours + 1 hour for lunch, and also - to get to work and then return home plus, believe me, you can't just leave "work" at work, it will haunt you and at home :(

And what do we want from work?
1. That it should be according to our abilities, so that we would happily handle it.
Well, if you are already on this page, then you definitely have logical and rational thinking, you are not afraid of mathematics and are interested in IT and programming.
This is exactly what faculty of the Applied Mathematics Department do and teach.

2. That the work is in demand, interesting, promising, and also that it is well paid.
Is there such a job at all? There is! Machine Learning Engineer or Data scientist.
You don't know me yet, so you can't trust me.
Just follow this link to the leading HR company in the USA:,20.htm
They evaluate all professional specialties according to the criteria listed above.
And what place did the Data scientist profession get?
The first one from 2016 to 2019, in 2020 and 2022 - in 3rd place, in 2021 - in 2nd place.

This is the only specialty that has been in the top three winners of this rating for all 7 of the past years!

And indeed, it is one thing to engage in programming, that is, to write the code that is prescribed in the technical task, and another is to look for hidden patterns in real data with the help of mathematics and programming.
Feel the difference?!
So make the right choice.

You can read about the prospects of Data Science on our Department website.

The average salaries of relevant specialists in Ukraine with experience of 3 years or more in June 2023 (according to the portal):

• Machine Learning Engineer — $5050;

• Data Scientist — $4000.

The Applied Mathematics Department loves and appreciates its students.
At the beginning of the war, we searched for and established contact with all 369 students who studied with us at that time.
Someone was in Kyiv, and someone was in Kherson or Mariupol, but we found everyone, everyone was alive and well.

So far, no final decision has been made about the mode of study at our faculty (it may be different at different faculties of KPI).
Will it be remote or blended?
I would very much like to see you all live in the educational classes in the university classrooms, but your safety should be a priority.

Important clarification from 07/21/2023: from September 2023, first-year undergraduate students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics will study in a mixed mode, i.e. lectures - remotely, practical/laboratory classes - face-to-face.

Let's hold on, we cannot fail to win this war!
We are waiting for you at the Applied Mathematics Department in the educational program "Data science and mathematical modeling"!