2.5 days are left until the end of registration for admission to the master's program!

Dear students - graduates of the bachelor!

June 5 (Friday) at 18:00 in the Igor Sikorsky KPI will complete registration for a single entrance exam in a foreign language (SEE) and a single professional entrance exam (SPEE).

We emphasize that from this year on, SEE is needed for admission to graduate school at any Ukrainian university. Whoever does not register for the SEE will not go anywhere at all! Of the pleasant, an additional entrance test for those who received a diploma in another specialty, when entering the magistracy of the Igor Sikorsky KPI canceled in 2020.

Graduates of the Igor Sikorsky KPI can be registered remotely by a simplified procedure through the Electronic Campus system (https://ecampus.kpi.ua/). You only need to check the data that has already been entered, select the foreign language for test and the city in which you want to take the SEE and SPEE, as well as download the necessary scans: passports (first, second pages) or ID card from both sides, TIN (tax payer account) , personal photo on a white background (at least 300 dpi). All in JPEG format and no more than 1MB.

Carefully fill out the questionnaire, but remember - this is not an application for participation in the competition for admission to the magistracy, it is only registration for passing the necessary exams. Wherever you register and wherever you pass the SEE or SPEE, the results can be used for admission to any institution of higher education in Ukraine, which conducts recruitment to the magistracy in the desired specialty.

ALWAYS indicate the phone number (s) and e-mail address to which the scan of the Exam pass card for the exam, which will take place on July 1, 2020, will be dumped. Each faculty processes applications only from its bachelors, external and graduates of past years go through the admissions committee of the KPI in the 16th building.